11 Central Ave

11 Central Ave is a 4 minute radio comic strip podcast that aired on NPR’s Morning Edition for two years.

Shepherd won Best Producer, Comedy from the National Gracie Allen Awards, and Gold Medal Best Comedy New York Festivals. The series was funded by NPR and Chicago Public Radio, and distributed by PRX. Shepherd secured funding, cast the show, wrote and marketed the series. She was also chosen by PRX to mentor other podcast producers.

“Quick paced, in your face, biting, cynical and smart, very funny and occasionally heart breaking – 11 Central Ave’s acting, writing and directing operate on an enviously high scale.”

“A polished, extremely well crafted verbal comic machine gun of everyday life.” review on PRX.org

Rick Moody, author of the novel The Ice Storm, wrote a wonderful episode for 11 Central Ave, “The Birthday Present”.

“”The Birthday Present” is a brilliant story that brings out all of the levels of the reaction to any teenage tragedy… And, it packs a serious wallop. Even as I type now, I am having to hold back tears as the concise and powerful story’s repercussions continue to dominate my thoughts…

If you have not given this program a chance because you think it is some silly character-driven comedy that no one will appreciate-you are robbing your audience of an opportunity to actually feel something for characters on public radio.” review on PRX.org

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cartoons by Susy Pilgrim Waters